We are offering our customers technical consulting and test- and measuring instruments for wired and wireless communication and Networks. By leading manufacturers and our experience, we are able to offer optimal solutions for the measuring and testing tasks of our customers.

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The AMB-8057 optimizes weight, shape factor and power consumption. Its main application is for measuring the radiation exposure levels caused by mobile communications installations or similar services. More than 3000 stations are already in use worldwide.

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Our innovative Web Application which collects EMF measurement results from Narda EMF Stations, stores and presents these results through an intuitive web interface. From the geographical representation of stations, to the statistical graphs of measurement results, EMVU Monitoring is the proper tool for handling EMVU measurements with ease.

24 Hours Monitoring

Willtron Technologies GmbH presents a new 24 hours monitoring webapplication.

Continuous, remote monitoring and logging
of electromagnetic fields

The Area Monitor AMB-8057 provides the ultimate, reliable, and precise answer to continuous remote monitoring and logging of electric (E) or magnetic (H) fields generated by low and high frequency sources such as radio / TV, GSM, UMTS,transformer stations, power lines etc., as a means of assessing the long term exposure of the populace to potentially hazardous electromagnetic fields (EMF). Several AMB-8057 Area Monitors connected to the base station through the GSM network can be used to build reliable monitoring systems to cover large geographical areas, including nationwide coverage.

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New Video about measurments of LTE Signals

FMK Forum Mobilkom in Austria has presented a new Video about reliable measurements of the new LTS Services. LTE ( Long term Evolution ) is the 4th Generation of mobile communication.

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